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March Healthy News You Can Use

Welcome to the March edition of Longevity Medical Health Center's newsletter. Spring has officially sprung in Arizona- the weather is perfect for getting active outside, and it's also perfect for spring allergies. We have two great articles to share this month on both muscular sprains and strains, as well as the connection between allergies and migraine headache.

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Is There An Allergy Migraine Connection?

By Jake Psenka, ND

There is a common theme that resonates throughout many of the most common health problems see in medicine. This factor plays a central in many conditions and influences the presentation of and course of many, many health problems. This factor is inflammation. Inflammation is a term which describes a state in which the body is calling out for help. Inflammation occurs during cold season, and invigorates the immune system to find and eliminate the offending microbe. Inflammation also a major player in the development of lifestyle-related ailments such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and cancer. It is well known to anyone who suffers from allergies that one of the best ways to control allergic symptoms is to take an anti-histamine. What might not be as commonly known is that anti-histamines work by inhibiting an inflammatory signal that triggers the release of histamine in the body. Inhibiting histamine leads to eyes that are less itchy, noses that are less runny, and stops sneezes that will knock you off your chair.

Another condition that is worsened by increased inflammation is migraine headaches. Recently, a group of researchers investigated the effect that specific sublingual immunotherapy had on migraine sufferers. These researchers first identified respiratory allergies in the group being studied and then compounded a sublingual allergy serum based on each individual’s allergic profile. Study participants were then administered their sublingual allergy serum and asked not to take any form of migraine medicine. The participants were then asked questioned to determine the effect their serum had on the occurrence and severity of migraines. When the study was completed the researchers reported that there was a decline in the patient’s inflammation levels, and there was also that they believed treatment of allergies may have a place in the management of migraines.

I found this study really interesting because of the way that it illustrated that two seemingly unrelated health problems have a common thread running between them. Patients are often looking for ways to manage their allergies, especially during the springtime, which is right around the corner. Over the past two years we have been offering patient-specific sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) in the office, and have received fantastic reviews from the grand majority of patients using it. With this new research the use of SLIT might be considered in patients with persistent migraines, and especially if allergies are part of the overall symptom picture. For more information regarding on our patient-specific SLIT formulation click here.

Prolozone for Damaged Joints, A Non-Surgical Solution for Injured Joints & Chronic Pain.

By Andrea Purcell, NMD

Body Wear & Tear As We Age:
As we age, trauma from injuries accumulates in the connective tissue of our bodies, specifically, the ligaments, tendons and joints. As one joint becomes injured it affects the surrounding joints and then multiple joints frequently become involved. A good way to think about the joints is like the tires on a car, tires need to be rotated, checked for air, and replaced when they get worn down. This is exactly what happens to our joints. The goal with prolozone therapy is to keep the joint functioning as long as possible without having to replace it. In this example, we are working with the healing ability of the body to get as much mileage out of the joint as possible.

Additionally, as we age declining hormone levels can exacerbate the damaged areas, due to a decrease in muscle mass and less elasticity inside the joint. This places additional stress on the joints causing pain syndromes that reflect a lifetime of repeated injury and internal joint breakdown.

Low back Pain:

Low back pain is often caused by repetitive strain of the ligaments of the lumbar spine and the sacroiliac joint; this is one of the most common injuries that people sustain. An unstable sacroiliac joint affects the entire spine and aggravates most back pain including sciatica. Prolozone is extremely effective at healing back pain caused by sacroiliac injuries.

There are two main areas that require assessment in low back pain and both may be involved.

1) Sacroiliac ligaments are the most frequent cause of unresolved chronic low back pain in patients. Prolozone is very effective is stabilizing low back pain from the sacroiliac ligaments.

2) Lumbar spine and disk injuries. These require careful assessment as pain may be from several areas.

Note from Dr. Purcell:
*Pain syndromes can be corrected with naturopathic medicine, proper hormone restoration, exercise and prolozone.
*Prolozone is effective at eliminating back pain, and healing injuries.

*Prolozone repairs the stretched and unstable ligaments and damaged connective tissue.

When the ligament strength is restored, the muscles relax; this decreases pain and increases range of motion. Then specific exercises need to be performed to stabilize the joint.

Patients often have MRI's and X-rays and we ask that you bring your reports to your visit. If you have films or CD's bring them also. Reports indicate if spinal degeneration, herniated disks, joint damage and arthritic changes are mild, moderate or severe. We assess these carefully looking for the significant areas that can be treated effectively.

Conditions successfully treated:

Low back
Cartilage injuries
Knee pain
Shoulder injuries
Tennis elbow
Upper back pain
Ankle sprains
Torn meniscus

-Be Healthy, Happy & Holistic


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